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Summit Concrete Specialties is a unique concrete company providing unique concrete solutions in the Kansas City area. We take the concrete work that is too small for the big concrete companies to be profitable, or too complicated for the smaller companies to execute properly.

How Summit Concrete Specialties Came to Be

There is a void in the Kansas City market when it comes to companies that can handle small and/or complex concrete projects.

Few large contractors are able or willing to fill the need, as they view these projects as a nuisance since they are designed and set up for large-scale projects.

Smaller concrete contractors are often too busy or understaffed to respond or schedule the work in a reasonable amount of time, and they may not possess the technical knowledge necessary to address the more complex nature of certain projects.  

The Best of Both Worlds

Because we are a part of a large, established and experienced concrete company, our employees are up to date on the latest concrete industry standards and trends. This includes the latest technical knowledge of concrete products and techniques as well as time-tested management and planning processes which ensure seamless and efficient workflow as well as good communication with our customers.

Yet, our smaller size keeps us fast and agile enough to accept and finish these projects in a timely fashion.

The bottom line: We provide the service, the expertise, the customer care, and the know-how to get your job done right.


If you are in need of a smaller or more complex concrete project, give Summit Concrete Specialties a call at(816) 652-0225.

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